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April 17, 2013
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  • Hiya, I made a slight change to Template:Wiki/footer. I added the mouse with a fraise to it and increased the size of and changed it to Play Transformice. It evens out the two columns on the homepage.

    I also made a Run for Cheese Wiki the other day and I thought I'd tell you incase you want to put it on your Atelier801 wikis template. Thanks, Luke.


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    • Removed. and thanks ;)

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    • TL;DR: I still plan on getting those images, but it'll take awhile. Unless I think of something clever.

      Ugg, I remember why I've been putting off getting those images now. For all customizable items, they are stored in greyscale, and then through code have the color "added" onto them. Normally they seem to use built-in flash tools, but for this it doesn't seem so. As such, I just created a little tool that will let me find the colors for each "grey" in the image based on the default color (which luckily can be found as part of the object's flash name). The bad part is since I don't want to do it in code (as I find it a pain to export images), I have to do this by hand for each grey area on the image, for each image. There's a few shaman objects that can't be customized, so I may export those before I start on this fun project =p

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  • I wish I could apply for admin :(, I am ranked #2 on this Wiki and have almost same points as you and I actually check the wiki often. :(

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  • Hi Fewfre,

    I made a new wordmark, and somehow the stroke pixelated on Photoshop. Here it is anyway and will work on sharpening it.

    TFM Wiki Wordmark

    Also, I used to use multiple upload but it took too long to load so moved back to single upload. Also, on the homepage with the table with titles, maps, etc, add badges to fill the empty space.

    ::LukeTalkBlog ::

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  • Fewfre I was thinking adding mouse customized mouse cursor in the wiki. Do you agree? I have the code for mouse cursor if you like.

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    • The code isn't hard, it mostly depends on what the cursor is. A lot of people don't appreciate having their cursor changed, especially if it's a dramatic change.

      Edit: I'm not against the idea, would just like to see what cursor / cursor set (normal, link, etc) you have in mind.

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  • How do I change my signature into a customized signature in the Preferences?

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    • So with four tildes (~~~~) only the template appeared, not the date? And what do you have in your preferences for the signature code?

      Also: If you'd like to use the template on multiple wikis without having to upload the image each time, either upload it to imgur and use that link, or use this link (just insert link right into template): Ex:

      • [[File:Candle.gif]] =
      • Candle = Candle.gif
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