“Map 92” redirects here. For the old map 92, see Map 92 (old).


Map @92 features 44 small ice blocks surrounded by conjuration ground. Each part of said ground disappears after a set amount of seconds, causing the ice blocks to slide down the slope. The mouse hole is at the top of the slope, and the cheese is at the bottom. The mice and the shaman spawn at the hole.


Run straight towards the cheese, collect it, and head and back to the hole. On your way back to the hole, jump over the ice blocks.

If you want a push on your way down to collect the cheese, wait until one or more of the ice blocks hit you. If timed correctly, you will gain a push in momentum which will cause you to move much faster down the slope. Be careful not to move too fast, or you’ll fall off the map and die.


If you are in hard mode and have a bridge totem (a totem consisting of planks facing horizontally with a red nail holding them in place), you can spawn it below the ice blocks in order to stop them from hitting the mice.

Alternatively, place large ghosted boxes in the slope and spawn a cloud (if you have the Cloud skill) or red-nailed plank, box, anvil, or whatever to hold them in place so that the ice blocks won’t hit the mice.

If you do have the Cloud skill, you can move to the end of the slope, rotate a cloud 90° and place it at the end of the map so that mice will be less likely to fall off the map.