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Replaced Map 89 (old).

This map's hazard is a bunch of cannons that start falling from the sky around 5 to 6 seconds into the map. They fall at a diagonal angle so the hazard is directed towards the left side of the gap instead of the right side.

Strategy Edit

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Mouse Edit

Run over to the cheese as fast as you can, then wait until all the cannons roll out of harms way before crossing the gap again to the hole. If you are going for first, it is possible, but risky, to rush through the cannons and hope you get pushed to the left.

Shaman Edit

If you have Nature's return, use it the moment you gain control of summoning, as it deletes every cannon that would normally roll down. If you do not have Nature's Return, one common method is making a long plank over the pit so when the cannons fall down, it ramps off the screen faster to make the path clear sooner.