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Map @31 is a map consisting of two large stone blocks, one on the left with the hole on top and the other on the right with the cheese on top. The mice must make their way over with or without the shaman's help.

The map also consists of four long, dynamic snow pillars in the middle which will fall when the mice push them by walking on top of them.


As a mouse, it is nearly impossible to complete this map without help from the shaman. Sometimes the towers won't fall until they despawn, so it is still possible to come in contact with them without dying.


As the shaman, build a simple bridge of planks from the hole to the cheese or vice versa. Be aware that some mice might want to rush in order to be the first mouse to enter the hole, which might result in some deaths.

If you are lazy, you can use the cannon jump method to bring the mice to the cheese and back to the hole again. Keep in mind that this will most likely result in many mice dying, especially players who are new to the game, so for the maximum amount of saves, create a bridge of planks. You can also use a bridge totem, and can optionally use a cloud if you have the Cloud skill.

If you're quick and the mice are patient and don't make the pillars fall, you're able to create a bridge on top of the pillars without needing an anvil base at the hole or cheese, although that is rarely possible due to the fact that the mice will almost always rush to the cheese and it is nearly impossible to notify them before they start running. You cannot notify them the round before since you don't know that you're going to be shaman on this specific map. However, you can tell them not to move until you tell them to when you're shaman, although they will likely not listen.