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This map is part of the first batch of community made vanilla maps. It was made by Malixto #0000.

Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

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If there are enough mice in the room, you can just pop the balloons by having many mice on one balloon. Otherwise, wait for the shaman to clear out a route in and out. If you pop the balloons, they will spread out and it will take too long to clear a path.

Shaman Edit

This section is a stub. Please help expand it.One way of doing this level is to put a lot of Ghosted big boxes to move the balloons away.

There is a ghosted platform that stops the balloons from floating away, but also stops the shaman from dropping objects from above to clear the balloons, so that is not a solution.

Note that if you have Nature's return, using it deletes all the balloons, instantly solving the level for anyone that knows how to do a basic wall jump. Use a spirit to help those who have not learned wall jump yet.