Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

There is nothing for the mice to do, except jump in the portals that the shaman creates. Watch out for any troll-portals that may be created (not often). This level can not be completed if the shaman dies.

Shaman Edit

The only way to finish this level is to create portals. Shamans should build a ramp to the left cage, and run over to the right and make a portal where the cheese is. The shaman should then build another ramp to the middle cage and create a portal that links the cheese and the hole. If time remains, the shaman can create a portal and get cheese as well.
After creating the portals, some mice may troll by staying in the wrong cage. Usually they do it for fun, but serious trolls will stay there. Shamans can deal with them by creating a portal leading into a pit, and spiriting them into the other existing portal. Shamans can also troll by putting a portal in the empty zone, causing mice to fall and die. There is an easy fix by simply creating a One-Way Portal and then spamming boxes inside the troll's portal, forcing them to comply.

If you are on Divine mode, your spawn range can reach the necessary spots, without even needing to move from the starting platform.