Map 92 (old) was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.


Map 92 consists of a slope with the mouse hole at the top and the cheese at the bottom. There is also a giant block of Ice that every mouse should look out in this map.


Make a run for it towards the cheese, then back to the hole. It is possible to push the ice block off the map to the left. It is also quite common for the ice block to roll over the mice, sliding harmlessly down to the right and off the map. In other cases, mice have gone up to the ice block at the very start of the map and kept jumping so that the ice block slides over them and towards the right and off the map. Sometimes, AFK mice will act as a ramp for the ice block and the other active mice can take cover underneath.

In the rare case that everyone runs and the ice block continues to gain momentum, it is best to run to the right side of the map, consistently wall jumping on the ground, wait until the ice block slides off the map, and then collecting the cheese and going to the hole.

In night mode, it is difficult to see the giant block of ice.


There is only a shaman in the night mode version of this map.

Spawn a left cannonball or an anvil or a red-nailed plank on the ground to prevent the ice block from moving at the start of the round.

Updates Edit

V0.148: The ice block is made bigger and spawns mid-air.