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Map 888 was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.

Map 888 is a map created for Transformice's Christmas. It was introduced in the V0.124 update and removed in the V0.129 update. The mice on this map can either open the presents they have collected in Vanilla maps, or they can give their gifts away to unlock titles. This map features Jingle, a NPC that resembles Santa Claus. This map is no longer playable.

There is also the option to give presents: any mice can decide to trade. This is where both click on each other and give each other their gifts. In this way, both mice get an item and a title each.

The map is drawn approximately once in every 40 maps. This is much more uncommon than map 666 was for Halloween. For the impatient, there is a technique shown on YouTube here to get it within 1-3 minutes.

There is no way to complete it since there is no cheese or mousehole. The only way is wait until the timer is over.

On the map, Christmas music is sometimes turned on. This lasts until the track has finished, regardless if the player changes room or the map's timer finishes.

Instructions for opening your open presents
  1. Collect presents from most official maps. If there is more than 4 mice in the room, and you complete the map by getting the cheese to the hole and picking up the present, your present count goes up.
  2. Continue trying to get presents until this map plays.
  3. On this map, click on yourself, then the pop-up "Unwrap your gift (Level x)" where x is the number of presents you have collected.
  4. The higher the level, the better your present is.
  5. You cannot split the present levels. It is always counted as one present.
Instructions for giving someone else a present
  1. Follow the instructions above, except when you are on this map, instead of clicking yourself, click someone else and click on that pop-up.
  2. Giving presents earns titles. There are four titles to collect, and the higher the level of your present you give away, the closer you are to obtaining the last one!
  3. You cannot split the present levels between different people.