Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

You and your partner must work together to get the cheese safely. One mouse must stay on top of the platform and hold his or her partner who is hanging off the edge getting cheese. Then the partners must switch positions. It is possible for mice without a partner to get the cheese by airjumping. The hardest part about this level is making sure your partner doesn't pull you off the map.

Shaman Edit

There is no Shaman on this level, except in Night Mode.

Nightmode Strategy Edit

You can recognize this map in nightmode with two simple ways:

  1. As you spawn at a hole, you will see if it's a partner map. if it is,it could be this map or map 87.
  2. Once you start to play and go either sides, you will notice the cheese beneath the platform you are now standing on. if there's a platform instead of cheese, then it is map 87.

Mouse Edit

As a mouse, you start near the hole. the technique is basically the same with the non night mode map, only this time you need to be more careful.

Shaman Edit

As a shaman, start with helping your partner get the cheese and to the hole. after that, you can help other mice by building a platform beneath the cheese. you can also use portals with the platform.

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