Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

Mice are partnered together and must take turns grabbing the cheese below the plank while the other mouse holds them up. If the first mouse to get the cheese enters the mousehole before his or her partner is up with the cheese as well, the partner is usually doomed.

An interesting trick to quicken the time for both mice is to have the first mouse take his turn, then have the second dangling mouse run towards the mousehole, dragging his or her partner. Because most mice tend to assist their partner with this level, he or she will generally run away from the hole to save their partner. The lower mouse can assure the second to go into the mousehole. The combined force of the top mouse running to the center with already running of bottom mouse will allow the dangling mouse enough speed to leap to the end when the tether disappears, quickening the time of both mice. This is dangerous, however, and requires that the top mouse to be to be close enough to the mousehole so that he the dangling partner is already near the end, and that he is far away enough to keep pulling his or partner and not disappearing too early. Some cases, the top mouse will run past the mousehole.

If the room happens to have an odd number of mice in it, the last mouse that entered the room is left without a partner and cannot clear the level.

Shaman Edit

There is no shaman on this map, except in Night Mode.

Night-mode Strategy Edit

You can recognize this map In night mode with two simple ways:

  1. As you spawn at a hole, you will see if it's a partner map. if it is,it could be this map or map 88.
  2. Once you start to play and go either sides, you will notice a little platform beneath the platform you are now standing on. if there's cheese instead of a platform, then it is map 88.

Mouse Edit

It is basically the same as in not- night mode; you are partnered together and you must take turns to collect the cheese. only now you should be more careful, as it is dark and you can't see much ahead of your self. if you get stuck without a partner - don't be afraid; this map has a shaman, and you can ask him to build a platform for you to jump on and grab the cheese.

Shaman Edit

As a shaman, you start with the mice near the hole. after you recognize the map, help your partner get the cheese. then, build a platform in the middle, a bit lower then the cheese, to help lone mice to the cheese. you can't build a bridge here, because the opening is too narrow, and mice will get stuck.