For the location the map is set in, see Mice Village.
For the room where the map is playing, see Room 801.
For the the game mode that uses this map, see Village.

Map 801 was first used in room 801 and was similar to map 0 with Elise and Papaille and with no shaman. After that, admins change it and made a village. Today, the map is used on room 801 and village. The map can also be used as a tribe house with @801 code.

This map is composed of invisible grounds and a background made by Maharadjah.


  • Map 801 was used as the event map of Easter 2014.
  • NPC's are different between room 801 and village and are not technically included in the map itself.
  • In the V1.296b, 22 March 2016, a game mode called village was added to the game, which is similar to Map 801, but has the NPCs of the Shaman 2016 adventure and works like a regular game mode with international and password-protected rooms, different rooms, etc.
  • Originally, the treehouse bridge was going to have mesh railing, but this was never added.
  • This map can also be accessible without going to village game mode. Just type into your chat box /room 801
  • If one look closely it there's constellation of cheese near the moon on the background.