Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

Adept players can jump immediately after bouncing to avoid getting thrown off the map, however, death most commonly appears when the mice go too high. One can utilize the auto-jump feature by holding jump in midair before one hits the trap posts. It is critical to avoid hitting the sides of the posts while jumping, that will usually result in death. It is also possible to just jump over the blocks. Under most conditions, the best course of action is to wait for a shaman's help.

Shaman Edit

The most ideal way to solve this map is to spawn anvils right next to the blocks. Other methods such and overhead bridges are also sometimes used, but are unnecessarily time consuming.

Changes Edit

March 27, 2011 Update (rev .148) - Lava blocks have been reduced in height, and an additional block has been added. As a result, the distance between each lava block has been reduced.