Some players have perfected timed jumping on this map and getting to the cheese, i.e. jumping at a very specific time after the lava sends you flying up. So unless you are adept, stay with your shaman.

Alternatively, just go to the edge of the brown, jump, and hold up until you safely land on the other side. This is known as the Gravity Exploit, or Air Jump.


Shamans should attempt to build a bridge that is far above the lava, so that it does not touch it at all. This can be accomplished by very quickly using b-planks to lock a regular bridge, or, more safely, by suspending smaller platforms above the ground.

The shaman can also put small boxes on top of the red trampoline. As long as they are placed on top of the trampoline, and not in the air, (Though placing them slightly below it will work as well) the repulsion will not take effect. The problem is this takes a fair while to set up, by which time many people could have already died; or trolls can hit the sides of the boxes and not jump on top of them - making them fly off. Instead of small boxes, you could also use two large planks.


March 27th, 2011 - (rev .148): The central lava pit has been lowered.


  • On July 11th, the stage was changed by lowering the lava down a bit. This was likely done to encourage the players to rely on shamans more, as smart players could easily walk right across the wood before. Lava bounces mice only if they actually jumped on them.