The ice block on this map can only be moved by mice jumping down and pushing the ice block in the correct direction. At least one mouse will have to jump off on both sides to push or skilled mice can go a little to the side, push, and jump back onto the ice block.

When this map was first introduced, the floor the ice slid on was MUCH higher up. It was possible to land on it safely. Due to this Trolls used to enjoy jumping off the ice block and pushing it the wrong way or flipping it over so that no one can get to the cheese. After all mice fell off the block or the block had been been flipped over, nothing more would have been able to be done. As a result, it used to be a very popular map for dancing and leapmouse, because there was generally a lot of time left over. In a later update, it was changed so that when you fell off the ice block, you were finished off.


Once the block begins to move it will gain momentum and pick up speed. You will need to run to stay on the block. Stay near the front so that you do not fall off the back. However, will push the block in opposite side, most of the time because of mice wither breaking the rules, to make trouble or just simply troll. If you want to get the cheese let other mice push the block.

Advanced TacticsEdit

If you are good enough, you can stay on the block and still make it move. This is done by dropping off the side opposite to where you want to go, nudging the block slightly, air jumping, and landing back on top of the block. It potentially allows for every single mouse to make it out. Whether there will be mice who fall off and hinder progress is another story.

If you are going for first, not much can be done extra going for the cheese, but on the way back, make sure you try to corner jump towards the hole, as ice helps corner jumping immensely.


There is no shaman on this map.

Crane BugSometimes the block glitches away and completely launches itself from the map
Anomaly Anomaly.When tipped over, the block may disappear.