Since almost all of the stage is made of purple wood (bouncy wood), the easiest strategy is to try to bounce until you're able to grab the cheese and then jump into the hole. A difficult trick is to bounce back and forth between the smaller columns on the ground, or up and down and off the corner of the entrance. Jumping resets your vertical momentum, so jumping at the top of your bounce can increase your height and make the fall stronger; jumping to slow down enough to enter the mousehole is also beneficial. Experienced players may also gain high speeds in the corridor at the beginning by bouncing through the gap. Many mice are known to have fun in this map by repeatedly bouncing up and down and side to side at high speeds. It looks as though they are traveling at GODSPEED.

It is a known fact that if there were a stage like this with red wood instead of purple, it would be impossible to measure the levels of pure speed achieved.


There is no Shaman on this level.

Crane BugIn some rare cases, mice can glitch through the walls and die.