Strategy Edit

There is a thick rectangle in the middle of the bottom part of the map, with an unbalanced log on top. It is unstable, although, it rarely gets moved. Bombs will appear over the middle of the long log, and will try to keep you off the long log.

Mouse Edit

You need to do two things if you want to get a first on this map. You either headbutt the bombs 3-4 seconds after they appear sending you up to a platform in the top left corner of the screen, or you can stand guard on either end, left or right, of the long log, where the cheese will spawn after a minute passes. Get to the top left platform before the map reaches 1:00. And you will be the first to complete this map.

Shaman Edit

There is no Shaman on this map.

Note Edit

Crane BugWhen hit on top by a bomb,mice may glitch through the balance and to their deaths.

Updates Edit

V0.148: the block in the bottom is now ghosted.