Mice can wait for the shaman to launch them using an explosive ball, or they can wall jump to get the cheese. It is generally faster to wait for the shaman, but only if the shaman quickly puts a ball in the hole. After being launched, air jump when you hit the cheese to get to the hole faster.

You can also just do nothing while resting on the ball, and you'll still get the cheese.

Inventory 5 Ball consumables can also be used, they will explode too.


Place a ball in the cannon like opening. Move out of the way and wait for the ball to explode and launch the mice to the cheese. Repeat until all mice have received their cheese. Unlike in Map 25 it is better if the balls are solid, not transparent. It is also best if the ball is placed behind the mice, allowing them to rest on the ball until they are shot.

The Ambulance and Teleporter skills aren't available on this map. This may or may not be a bug.

Crane BugIn rare cases, when the ball and the shaman or a mouse have the exact same X and Y coordinates, the ball can glitch and make the unfortunate target stick to the coordinates 0,0.