Strategy Edit

This map features two slopes with the cheese at the bottom. The slopes are close to each other, so it is impossible to fall through the middle, even if a shaman uses the Go Through There! skill on a mouse. This is a collision map, so mice will collide with each other, thus, if there are enough mice in the room, they can climb on each other in order to reach the hole.

It might be difficult to capture the cheese with many mice in the way, though AFK mice will die in 30 seconds, so be patient if AFK mice are blocking the cheese.


Be patient and hope that the shaman has a plan. If there are enough mice in the room, it is possible to climb on top of them to reach the hole.

Go to the top of the screen, thenclimb onto the other mices. When someone jumps, jump onto them, then jump into the hole.


Go up to either the left or right ramp and build a simple large plank with a red nail. Attach a small invisible plank to it with a yellow nail, and then complete the bridge by attaching another large plank to the end of it with a yellow nail. This will allow the mice to get in the hole, without blocking them off. This solution is an example of the non-blocking ramp technique.

A more complicated way to do it is to spawn four to five invisible boxes. The shaman should then attach a large plank to the last box. The box will then tip over, and the shaman can attach another plank to it leading to the hole. The shaman can also choose to make it a square by adding another plank. The mice will not be trapped inside the square, because if the solution is done right, there will be a small space left at the bottom where mice can duck through.

An alternate solution is to connect two long planks within the shape of a "v" in the dip of the funnel. The shaman must then place a large ghost box in the middle and connect the box with arrow anchors/nails to both planks. Afterwards, depending on how many mice are in the "v", an appropriate amount of balloons must be attached to the box and/or planks. This solution is faulty in the fact that in a crowded room, not all the mice may have cheese or could miss the hole as the build floats upward and the shaman may have to rebuild this a few times.