Map 666 was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.

Map666 was a map created for Transformice's Halloween Event and introduced in the 0.111 update. The mice fly around on broomsticks, and the cheese has wings and moves around. Each time you finish this map (with other mice playing it) you get 1 of 3 special Halloween items, which you can get only by getting the cheese to the hole. This map is no longer playable.



You fly freely on a broomstick in this map. The cheese is 'flying' in the air and teleports randomly around the map every 4 seconds. There is no real "trick" to this map - you can stay on one of the sides, waiting for the cheese to teleport close to you, or you can chase it around the map and try your luck. Although this map originally received a positive response, this map was often disliked by other players for lag times of about 10 seconds in full rooms.


There is no Shaman on this map.

Speed RecordsEdit

Speed Records have been disallowed for this map.