Map 62 (old) was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.

This is the official anvil god map.

It was permanently removed from the game in an unknown patch due to lag and crashes being caused.

Mouse Edit

One of two solutions: Run as fast you can. Stay put if you're trapped between its two ends. Jumping on this map usually leads to death.

Another solution is to wait until your shaman (most likely) places a fixed ghost plank on the Anvil God's red nail or until he blows it out with spirit (highly unrecommended).

Keep in mind that when the Anvil God slows down to a near halt, it will quickly amass energy and flail around like mad again, so never be near it when it has calmed down. Some people call this mad swing a Swing of Faith.

Shaman Edit

Either place a fixed ghost plank on the Anvil God's red nail,or use a spirit with N on the Anvil God's red nail. The shaman can also block the left side of the map with large planks so mice won't get blown off.

Hard mode shamans should rely on ghost parts of their totems and keep building sturdy ghost stands and balloons to hold up the anvil god. A wall at either side could be done but is not as effective as in normal mode.

Christmas and Easter Strategy Edit

During Christmas and Easter, there will be a present or an egg at the top of the anvil god, nearly impossible to obtain without killing yourself, those who do manage to get up must quickly get down before the anvil god spins around pushing you off the cliff. The best way is to quickly jump onto the anvil god's arms at the start of the map. You can then climb up and safely get the present or egg, but even that takes a lot of risk.

 Trivia Edit

  • This map is removed due to complaints for this map being too laggy.[1] However this map is replaced with the map of the same number.

Glitches Edit

Crane BugSometimes anvils won't be attached properly and anvil god will spawn immobile on the ground.
Crane BugSometimes the Anvil God spawns twice. Even more rarely it has spawned 3 or more times.
Crane BugA rare thing to see is the "anvil god" spawning with a bomb or other object in the middle of it.
Crane BugIt is a possibility that the anvil god is carried along to the next level when the level change is triggered by the increase in the number of mice (1 to 2 or 2 to 3 change). Also, it is only for the already present mice, not for the ones who just connected.
Crane BugSometimes anvil god have delayed spawn - in this case, at start of map only fixed anvil appears - and after some time the rest of the anvil god appears
Crane BugSometimes the anvil god can be "attracted" to the corner of the map
Crane BugRecently with the change in how a level is generated, Anvil God now loses a hand. Only one hand of the anvil god works.The anvils from the other hand might block the cheese and the hole


  1. [1] We removed the anvil god map at some point because it was too laggy for some people...