Map 60 (old) was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.

Strategy Edit

The map consists of the solid board floor, with cheese "running away" from the mice to the right side, where death by a fake floor awaits for them. Shortly after the cheese has reached the end, it will reappear right next to the mousehole. It IS possible to catch the cheese before it runs away, but this requires you to be running to the right before the map loads, and a bit of map lags. It is also possible to air jump out of the pit with the cheese, but by the time you do this and get back others will have already made it in the hole with the non-trap cheese. This is also an easy way out for the next map if all the mice dies before the cheese reaches the end, as it glitches the next map causing the cheese to be in this map's position.

Mouse Edit

Stay a little right from the mousehole, the cheese will appear there after it has reached the right side of the map, when the timer hits 1:50.

Shaman Edit

There is no shaman on this map.

Trivia Edit

  • This map is replaced with the map of the same number.