Map 57 is a former inverted-type (upside down) map at Transformice that consists in 1 mouse hole, 3 trampolines, 1 cheese and a barrier between the cheese and the mousehole. The map number is 57, and there is no shaman.


Formerly some trolls may push the trampolines off the edge, leaving the rest forced to walljump the barrier. Now they can no longer push the trampolines off.


As with all former inverted maps, controls are reversed on this level. To run left use d or the right arrow, and to run right use a or the left arrow. Controls for jumping and ducking remain the same. If you are new to the game be sure take time to stop and think before beginning to run and after you get the cheese, so you don't become confused and run off the map.

  1. Use the trampolines to bounce over the barrier in the middle of the map to get the cheese, and to get back to the mousehole. Jumping can be used to reset the mouse's inertia to avoid being bounced off the map.
  2. Wall climb the middle barrier to get the cheese, then wall climb back over the barrier to get to the mouse hole. However, may users find it difficult to wall jump with inverted controls.

Note: It is very impractical, but you can play this level with normal controls if you turn your monitor upside down.


There is no shaman on this map.

Trivia Edit

  • This map changed to right side up due to the inverting bug not being removed and trampolines have red joints now.
Map57 glitch

Trampolines spawning twice.

Map 57 (old)


Crane BugSometimes the trampolines will spawn twice.