Strategy Edit

There are two greenish-blue triangular shaped grounds, with a platform holding the cheese under the right triangle, and a platform with the mousehole under the left. This map was changed 2 weeks after creation to be a collision map.

Mouse Edit

When this map starts, focus. Now that it is collision, you may be at the bottom of the collision group and fall down into the pit between the cheese platform and mousehole platform. If you are typing anything, be careful. You may also be pushed off, sending you to your death. For mice who do pay attention when this map starts get down to the platform with the cheese, and since there are enough mice to fit on the platform and build a big mountain leading you to an easy jump to the platform with the hole, you use the mice to send you forward to the hole.

Shaman Edit

Jump in mid-air towards the left platform and then build a bridge. Be careful, since mice may push you while you are building. It may be beneficial to wall off the left side of the mouse hole platform with a small plank before constructing in the middle.