Normally, there is nothing that the mice can do on their own. They must wait for the shamans to arrive and help them get the cheese. If the shaman has Big Cheese, when the round starts hold jump to land on the hole platform, the fall down to the cheese and air jump back up to the hole.

If the shaman makes a solid plank before placing a ramp, it is possible to jump off this plank and walljump the platform.


There are two shamans on this level each with their own color hole. You will only receive credit for mice entering your hole. The shamans may engage in a shaman battle or call a truce and race to be the first the build. Be careful not to fall into a pit on your way to helping the mice. If necessary, build a bridge for you to cross. When you get to the mice spirit them up to the cheese, build a small ramp, make an elevator out of small planks, or build a box for the mice to jump on. If spiriting be careful that you don't spirit yourself off the map or into a pit.

Updates Edit

  • V0.148: All pillars are now ghosted.