Strategy Edit

The map consists of four grass blocks, the bottom left of which has the mousehole, and the upper one has cheese on it.

Mouse Edit

Mice can easily jump over the first gap. For the second gap, the mice can perform air jumps. Afterwards, just wait for the shaman to do their thing.

Shaman Edit

Start by using a long plank to bridge the right-most gap, as it is too far for most mice to jump. Then, build a ramp from the right-most log up to the platform with the cheese. The mice can then drop down from the left end of that platform and into the mouse hole.

Another faster way is to simply ramp up from the left; but this isn't very recommended as most mice in general won't have fullscreen. If there are many mice in the room, avoid this method; most mice without fullscreen will die running off the ramp blindly or by lagging through the plank.

Elevators and catapults are also viable methods for moving mice up.


Bugs Edit

Crane BugCheese may appear at the wrong location after certain levels.