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This map was previously used as an early map editor, and was only accessible with the help of a mod. As of V0.137 (30 January 2011) this map is used as the totem editor.

Totem Editing Edit

Totems Edit

Megaphone Main article: Totem

Example of a totem

A totem is a pre-made structure that can be spawned once per map while being shaman in hard mode.

Creating a Totem Edit

In order to create a totem a user must have over 1000 saves. A user can create one totem for use while being shaman in hard mode.

When entering the map, the user becomes a shaman and can summon objects like normally, except all the anchors are available at their disposal, with no range. Because physics are turned off in this map, none of the summoned parts move or collide. Currently it is only possible to create or delete totem, as there is no way to select placed parts or undo a placement. The cross in the center of the map shows offset from the cursor when a totem is spawned.

Other Uses Edit

For Kongregate users: the moderator Goomba uses this map under /room Pictionary to play pictionary. Rules: If you can guess the object then you will become shaman.

This map is also used as a stand alone room on some private servers.


  • V1.361 - [Bug] For a day or two after this update, this map kept appearing in vanilla. All mice could see the buttons, although they didn't effect your totem. The "Cancel" button did however force you to exit your room and be placed in a random room (just like hitting cancel in the room normally does).