Strategy Edit

Not only is the cheese out of reach, but there is a wind blowing everyone to the left. You'll have to react fast enough when the round starts to prevent your mouse from falling off the left side of the stage, and if the shaman fails, you might as well let the wind carry you to your death.

Mouse Edit

All you can really do in this stage is wait for the shaman to build something or spirit you to the cheese. In that case, try to keep yourself below the cheese or close to it until something happens.

Shaman Edit

Be careful when building things here, as you are vulnerable to the wind while you are charging an item. A good strategy is to build an anchored plank first; ghost it if you want, but if you don't there will at least be a place to rest and not worry about the wind. Once the first plank is built, add on whatever you want with a yellow anchor; a trampoline, or box to use as a stepping stool works just fine. Unless the shaman does something all the AFK mice will die.