Strategy Edit

A stack of anvils stands in front of the starting point, and bombs rain down upon the stage. Patience can be helpful here; try to avoid the explosions and the debris from anvils flying about.

Mouse Edit

It is possible to Wall Jump over the stack of anvils, but it is usually safer to wait for a bomb or the shaman to knock it down. Afterwards, avoid the bombs and be careful around the anvils. Some of them may block the hole or the cheese, but if you work together with other mice, you can push them out of the way. A known speedrun tactic is when you are on the way back, get propelled into the anvil debris by an exploding ball, but a lot of the time innocent mice get hurt from this.

Shaman Edit

Players will probably rely on you to take out the stack of anvils. The best way to do this is with a spirit, you can also place an invisible box directly under the anvils. Once the anvils are down, keep them out of the way of players with more spirits/cannonballs or build a bomb shelter out of ghosted boxes.

If you have the Nature's Return skill, you can use it to get rid of all the anvils.

Map 33 Solution

place a ghosted box directly under the anvils

Bugs Edit

Crane BugSometimes the anvils spawn twice, or keep spawning infinitely.
Crane BugSometimes, but very rarely, the anvils and bombs will fail to spawn at all.

Updates Edit

0.148 Version: The anvils now spawn in 4 rows. Also, instead of spawning balls, bombs will be spawned.