Strategy Edit

The mice spawn inside the car and the shaman spawns on top of it. The mice will probably end up pushing it one way or another, possibly going back and forth between the edge of the map and the edge of the gap.

Mouse Edit

While trapped inside the car, the best you can do is make sure it doesn't go too far in either direction. However, it's very possible to escape the car due to lag. If that happens, you might be able to make the gap by air jumping, or just wait for the shaman to build something.

Shaman Edit

Your starting position is on top of the car. The simplest way to get it across the gap is to create a plank bridge, however lazy shamans might use a cannonball to knock the car across. If the mice don't outright panic, this method sometimes works.

If you have the Recycling skill, you can remove at least one nail and build a bridge afterwards.



Crane BugIt is possible to get out of car by using the position glitch and taking advantage of lag.
Crane BugRarely, another car can spawn, causing both cars to be intertwined, or simply just have two cars on the map with no real purpose.
Crane BugSometimes the car can get stuck mid-air.
Crane BugIf the car hangs in air and a shaman spirits the center, it can go to the top left corner.