Strategy Edit

This map is exactly the same as Map 28 except for the fact that there is collision between mice. There are bombs in this map too.

Mouse Edit

Watch out for other mice because if they push you too far, you're dead. Stay safe and try to jump over the mound of mice and get back to the hole as soon as you reach the cheese. It would be best to climb over the mound and try to get in front of the mouse that's farthest ahead. The first person to reach is less than unlikely to get to the hole first because of the pushing mice.

Look out though, if you are in a crowd of mice and a bomb explodes in front of it, many mice from the front of the group will be pushed back forcefully, which can send them flying off the map (most likely including you).

Shaman Edit

A good strategy is to shelter the mice from bombs by using ghosted boxes/b-anchored planks. The higher you put the planks or boxes, the better. Because the higher it is, the sooner the bomb will crash into it. But don't put it higher than the bombs spawn.