Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

Starting on the pillar in the middle of the map, air jump to the left one to get the cheese, then return to the one in the middle and finally jump into the hole. Since the pillars fall over very fast, you need to start running immediately and be very quick.

Shaman Edit

As a shaman, you should try to attach the pillar in the middle before it falls over. You can then red-anchor the leftmost and then the rightmost pillar. It will prevent mice who didn't get cheese from dying and offers a possibility to build with planks.
If it's too late and the planks fell onto the ground, the mice won't be dead right away - in some cases a pillar still lays on the ground and works as a floor. The easiest way to get mice into the hole then is to attach balloons to them. If you have the skill, you may use 2-3 springs to make the mice jump into the hole.

If you have the Cloud skill or a bridge totem, you can spawn that as soon as the map starts in order to prevent the mice from dying.