Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

Pile onto the elevator and wait for shaman to put heavy objects to drop it. Alternately, wall jump on it immediately. If the shaman is fast, you can fall to the bottom of the wall and wall jump in place until the wall is lifted, and then you can run to the hole.

Shaman Edit

Spawn three transparent Large Boxes on the floating platform, or transparent red nails small plank under platform and a long yellow going over the wall. You can also attach balloons to the wall. (Or alternatively, the platform.) Another way is to attach a long transparent plank to the wall with a motorized nail. The plank will spin around under the platform and lift it high enough to air jump the gap. You may also connect the wooden platform to the wooden wall with a long plank attached by a red nail, but since not all mice can wall jump, it's better to stay away from this technique.