Mice must negotiate an unstable plank or be assisted by the shaman to cross the screen twice, once to reach the cheese and then again to reach the mouse hole.


The map itself is hard to complete without the help of the shaman. The crowd of mice should balance the plank, letting other ones to get cheese. Most of the time this fails, because of the rushing mice crowds, usually composed of lemmings and possibly trolls. Your best bet is to stay at the mousehole and wait for the shaman's help.

The best solution for speed on this map is to rush with the other mice, then wall jump up the plank as it falls over. This is more difficult than it sounds, since it is harder to get a grip on falling, slanted objects.


Most shaman support the bridge using a global anchor plank. If the bridge falls, a new one can be constructed, although it will be unlikely to finish with the 2:00 time limit.


  • Mice may go through the plank when it is unbalanced and swings wildly.


  • Version 0.148: The pillar in the middle is now ghosted.