Mouse Edit

Wall jumping is the fastest way up if the Shaman is attempting to weigh down the platform. Usually, the door will be open for you on your way out, securing you a fast time. However, if the competent Shaman has dropped down and has begun picking the tools to lever the door open, come down as well. If not walljumping, run against the wall so to be in the lead when it lifts; touch the sides of the cheese and start running back. Take note of the position of the short log to avoid bumping into it or becoming trapped under it.

Shaman Edit

The horizontal and vertical logs are connected via a pulley system. Pushing down on one will pull the other up.

  • Map 2 Platform
    Add items to the top of the short log until the wall lifts. Large ghost boxes are preferable for maximum speed and success. Non-ghost items may topple on your mouse and/or block the return path of the mice.
  • Map 2 Ghost Box
    Place a ghost box under the wall. The placement must be very precise and centered so that the box does not slip out. To avoid this, attach a yellow bond to the side of the box, rotate it until the bond faces the top side, and then attach the bond to the bottom of the wall.
  • Map 2 Rotate Plank
    Attach a long ghost plank rotating at the middle to the bottom of the wall. The wall will be levered up and dropped down periodically, but held up long enough periods for mice to get through and back. Optionally, hold the wall in place with a red hinged plank when the wall is up. This is a very fast way to solve the stage for Shamans proficient with the Shaman keys.
  • Map 2 Ghost Planks
    Elevator the wall upwards with ghost planks. Simply create ghost long or short planks under the wall to force the wall up. While not the most efficient or popular method, it does work and is not prone to irreversible mishaps.
  • Map 2 Balloons
    Use Balloons on the blocking piece to lift it up.
  • Map 2 Demolition
    Use Demolition Worker to remove the wall.

Other methods, best to be done in rooms with few, and tolerant, mice, include building a staircase with crates and building a staircase with lanks attached to the wall. Elevatoring mice above the wall is also possible, as well as catapults/trebuchets, and midair steps. A large number of spinning boxes attached under the wall will cause an explosion of sorts and knock the wall up high.

Cannons, anvils, and trampolines are not available in this stage, so try to stick with a few transparent items to avoid mishaps. Don't block the path of the mice and do not attach a red bond to the wall.