Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

Either wait for shaman to build you bridges, or Wall Jump. For a better time, the final platform is reachable by going to the end of the 4th platform, jumping toward the 5th, and holding up, so wall jumping is only needed on the first couple of platforms. Some pros can cornerjump to the 3rd platform.

Shaman Edit

The shaman should build planks with world anchors to fill up the gaps, and put boxes on the plank. A faster but less stable method would be to simply skip to large boxes and tilt them slightly so they will not fall into the holes. The final gap is too wide to fit a box in without it falling into the pit, so you will have to use something else, like rotated B-Anorched short plank.

Updates Edit

  • V0.148 - the first 2 planks are now ghosted.