Strategy Edit


It is recommended to wait until either the bridge is knocked down by mice rushing to get the cheese and then the shaman building a bridge, or waiting until the shaman puts an anvil on the bridge.

If the shaman does not help out, the best solution is to rush to get the cheese, then quickly jump back onto the bridge.
Alternatively, you can corner jump on the edge of the ground on the right in order to reach the wooden pole.


The quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to solve this map is to simply place one or more (depending on how many mice there are in the room) transparent anvils on the left side of the bridge.
Note that you must be quick because the mice will most likely knock the bridge down if you're not.

Option 2: Summon a small plank with a red nail on it and put it wherever you want.
Best place to put is near the mice's spawn point.
And best, it is stronger than cannons.