This map is similar to Map 24 with the exception that the ground over the hole is cloud ground, allowing mice to pass through it.
The cheese has also moved to underneath the horizontal platform.
The shaman is not required if the mice are good at wall jumping. The shaman must lower this platform, and build a bridge over the cloud ground.


The mice must wait for the shaman to lower the platform before jumping for the cheese.
They can either wall jump back to the first hole, or wait for the shaman to build a bridge over the cloud ground.

It is possible to jump down to get the cheese and wall jump up to the hole, though your timing needs to be on-point. Doing this is MUCH easier if the shaman has Big Cheese due to your target being bigger.


The shaman can attach a balloon the vertical ground. The shaman can also add weight to the horizontal platform. Large crates work best for this job. The shaman then has to b-anchor the ground when it is just under the cheese. This will raise the vertical ground. Next, the shaman must build a bridge over the cloud ground, allowing mice to cross the ground to get to the hole.

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