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This is a Cheese Thief map. The shaman starts off with the cheese. All mice must chase the shaman, and the first few mice to touch the shaman get the cheese. After 10 cheese has been taken from the shaman, they will die.

Strategy Edit


Capture the cheese from the shaman. Dodge the shaman’s attacks if they do attack the mice. A good way to dodge the shaman’s tricks is by predicting their actions before they do them.

If the shaman walks away from you and stops at about 3/4 of the bridge and waits for a second, this likely means that the shaman is about to spirit themselves into the air and then use constant spirits to keep themselves in the air while the you struggle to jump up to the shaman, but when the shaman prepares a spirit in that moment when not moving, there is your chance to get the cheese from the shaman. If the spirit is already being made by the shaman when you are close to your goal, then jump in the air where the spirit has effect on you then launching you into the air with the shaman giving you a perfect opportunity to get the cheese.

The most popular technique by shamans is simply running off the bridge and onto the far right then shooting a cannon at the bridge. And just because the down cannon is not allowed on this map that does not mean that the shaman still cannot rotate it. As the bridge falls with you in the middle dodge the cannon so you will not get pushed down and also make sure that you do not jump the moment the cannon is fired or you will not have a chance of getting to the other fraction of the bridge. Ounce the right fragment of the bridge is in a diagonal position you jump onto it then double jump calmly. Any sudden pressure can result in you irradicly pressing the double jump sequence and not gripping the bridge fragment then falling off. After you make it to the top where the shaman is standing you get the cheese and go into the hole.

One last technique is were the shaman goes to the far right side of the screen and off the bridge then wall jumps on the side of the platform. When you have cheese on your back you go slower and wall jumping can be very difficult. Take advantage of the shaman’s disability. The shaman at the lower part of the platform has a likely chance of dying, so the shaman will obviously go to the higher part of the platform to make sure they will not die. Remember you are more agile without cheese on your back. Drop off the side then press up then quickly hold left. when you are as low as the shaman is. You may have to jump on the wall ounce with cheese on your back depending on how low the shaman is. When you make your way up go to the hole with your cheese.


The golden name text on a selected mouse is listed as the Shaman-thief for the map. Keep in mind, though, that maps such as this one, where the thief steals the cheese, will not reset your points and you are very likely to be a normal shaman soon after. The shaman may run across the bridge to the mouse hole, then summon an anvil to break the fragile bridge, and watch them scream as they fall into the abyss. Though some mice may remain at the other side, you can easily shoot Cannon Balls to the opposing mice, if you want to let the remaining live, build a bridge towards them, but be careful, if there are 10 or more mice, you need to use the Cannon Ball method to not get yourself killed.


Crane BugThe shaman will usually fall through the bridge at the start of the map.
Crane BugSometimes, the shaman spawns where the mice spawns, letting the mice get the cheese in 3 seconds.
Crane BugSometimes when you try to take the bridge apart, it takes a while until it is taken apart.