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One mouse that is supposed to be the shaman for the level will become a thief and have their name in gold. It is the other mice's objective to pass the thief to also attain cheese and get to the hole. Many people can troll on this map.


Mice should try and attain cheese from the thief by approaching from multiple directions and thus cornering them. It is best to be quick, as there is only enough cheese for the first 10 mice.


The golden name text on a selected mouse is listed as the thief for the map. Keep in mind, though, that maps such as this one, where the thief steals the cheese, will not reset your points and you are very likely to be shaman soon after. A good way to stay untouched is to dive and then wall-jump back up quickly, however, this will not always work, as most mice can wall-jump. If you are lucky, not many mice will reach you. Another way is to simply run and wall-jump up to any column, but it barely works because of mice hunting for a way to corner you. Another way to get away from the chasers is to wall-jump up the right wall, however, this is not recommended, as a large amount of mice can wall-jump. You will not be banned for not giving cheese, because Catch The Cheese maps are centered around this.

Anomaly Anomaly.Occasionally, more than ten mice can get cheese, If they all get it at the same time.