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The thief will die once 10 mice gather the cheese. To get the maximum amount of saves, run to the lower hole and stand in the hole until you die.


As a regular mouse, chase the thief until you get the cheese.


The golden name text on a selected mouse is listed as the thief for the map. Keep in mind, though, that maps such as this one, where the thief steals the cheese, will not reset your points and you are very likely to be shaman soon after. They cannot avoid the mice taking cheese from you, unless the mice chasing after you are not careful where they go. The only way of maneuvering is in the third and second floor, where you can dive and wall jump. The thief cannot go in the mouse hole if they do not die.


  • At the start of all cheese thief maps, a message similar to USERNAME just stole the cheese ! CATCH HER ! shows up in the chat.