As a mouse, you start at the upper hole. Beware of lemmings dropping the logs and you to death. Patience is the best option. You can jump quickly to the cheese and get to one of the holes before the log collapses or you can wait for the shaman to build a bridge to the cheese. If the log collapses you can also fall to cheese and Air Jump and Wall Jump to the vertical log, although if you are inexperienced, the first applies to you.


As a shaman, you start at the upper hole with the mice. You should try to stabilize the logs before they fall. A quick and easy solution is to use the arrow nail glitch with a c joint on the middle of the boards. Sometimes this will work if you are quick, but if the bridge falls before you can do it, simply build a bridge to the cheese. You can also place red-anchored planks in the logs.


March 27th, 2011 - (rev .148) - Grounds supporting the dynamic planks have been made ghost grounds.
March 28th, 2011 - (rev .149) - Previous change was reversed - the grounds supporting the dynamic planks have been returned to their original state.

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