Map Transformice 4th Birthday

A map shown in the Transformice 4th Birthday logo, which is most likely Map 0


Official image, see file for source.

Strategy Edit

Mouse Edit

All there is to do is hang back and wait for the shaman to build up to the platform. If the shaman places an arrow, it is a good idea to follow it in case the next object traps you. There is little chance for trolling on this map other than cannonballs and possible trapping.

Shaman Edit

There are several ways to reach the cheese: you can build a ramp, an elevator, or even a catapult. One impulse for new players is to build a staircase out of boxes. However, most boxes on maps like these tend to be pushed out of the way or even off the map by the other mice unless you can put a red nail on them. Balloons can be attached to the mice, but if there are too many mice in the room you'll run out of time.

Solutions Edit

Major bug Edit

On August 22th 2010, a bug appeared in which any room that played this map would continue playing it in the next rounds infinitely without changing. The only solution was to change room and hope it didn't catch the bug. In a few hours, it was fixed.

Later on, this bug was possibly used for rooms such as Room 801. It could have been also possibly used for tribe houses as well.

XML Code Edit

<C><P F="0" /><Z><S><S H="50" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,,0,0,0" L="800" X="400" Y="375" T="6" /><S H="40" P="0,0,0.3,0.2,0,0,0,0" L="120" X="541" Y="170" T="6" /></S><D><P X="46" P="1,0" Y="350" T="0" /><P X="227" P="0,1" Y="349" T="3" /><P X="247" P="0,0" Y="349" T="11" /><P X="272" P="0,1" Y="349" T="3" /><P X="282" P="0,0" Y="349" T="3" /><P X="309" P="0,0" Y="349" T="3" /><P X="298" P="0,0" Y="349" T="11" /><P X="354" P="0,1" Y="349" T="3" /><P X="392" P="0,1" Y="349" T="3" /><T Y="350" X="120" /><P X="546" P="0,0" Y="349" T="12" /><P X="727" P="0,0" Y="348" T="11" /><P X="677" P="0,0" Y="349" T="3" /><P X="700" P="0,1" Y="350" T="5" /><P X="705" P="1,0" Y="350" T="1" /><P X="493" P="0,0" Y="150" T="11" /><F Y="147" X="539" /></D><O /></Z></C>