These are old Vanilla maps that were removed from the map rotation at some point.

# Map Name Description Image
31 In a Cage! If the box is not broken, this map is straight forward. Otherwise, push the box to the cheese and then over to the hole. This may require Shaman intervention in the form of a small ramp or spirit.

Holes: 3
Features: Platform
Traps: Mice are trapped (A bug often prevents this from happening)

Map 31
41 By Car 2 The Shaman here must quickly block the right side, then usher the mice as far right as possible and build a ramp up to the second level. The Shaman can then build another ramp on the lower level to catch the car as it falls over the edge (since some people can't see past the edge), but smart mice won't need it.

Holes: 1
Features: Two ramps
Traps: The mice are caged in a car

Map 41 (old)
42 Roller Coaster Pendulum -- most of the time, it glitches out and everybody dies. But if everyone pushes to one side, only two or three people fall out. It is like a giant swing - everyone should run right, then left, then right etc. until the box gets to the cheese.

Holes: 1
Features: A box
Traps: The horrible collision detection

Map 42
55 Tall Story 2 Run to the cheese, but avoid the holes. Left/right controls are reversed as this map is rotated 180 degrees.

Holes: 1
Features: None
Traps: None
Attributes: Inverted, No Shaman

Map 55 (old)
59 Cheese Joined the Hole This cheese teleports to a random location each time a mouse gets to it. The cheese can't teleport too high for the mice to reach it.

Holes: 1
Features: Teleporting cheese
Traps: None

Map 59 (old)
60 Cheese Joker This cheese will run away from you. One mouse has to take the bait.

Holes: 1
Features: Running cheese
Traps: Invisible floor on the rightmost edge

Map 60 (old)
62 Anvil God In this map the snake like contraption (Anvil Snake) is made of anvils but not constructed by a Shaman. The Anvil Snake is part of the map. The strategy most people use here is a blind rush. It is possible to destroy it by spamming spirits.

There have been instances where the Anvil God will double itself, and sometimes fly apart.
Holes: 1
Features: Anvil God
Traps: Anvil God

Map 62
89 Misdirection Mice are paired up and connected together with a string. Your partner's name will appear in green. On this level the cheese and door are switched. The mice must stand by the hole to receive their cheese and then run back to the cheese to enter the hole.

Holes: 1
Features: Cheese and door are reversed
Traps: Your partner

Map 89old
92 Avalanche Shaman must use a left cannon to push the ice block off the map. In a few cases, the mice may push the block off screen by themselves.

Holes: 1
Features: Blue wood block.
Traps: Sliding block that will push you off the map.

Map 92
99 Six Places, One Cheese Adept wall-jumpers may be able to go down each pit before they find the cheese. Otherwise it is a good idea to send one mouse down and have them tell you where the cheese is located, and then have the rest get it. Be careful not to fall off thinking it is a different level, many lemmings may do this.

Holes: 2
Features: Cheese spawns at different place each time, night mode
Traps: None
Attributes: No Shaman

Map 99 (old)
114 Free-Runner Thief The Shaman starts off with the cheese. All mice must chase the Shaman, and the first ten mice to touch the Shaman get the cheese. After all the cheese has been taken from the Shaman, she is killed.

Holes: 1
Features: Mobile thick plank
Traps: None
Items: Arrow, Spirit, Rune, Small Box, Large Box, Anvil, Little board, Big board, Ball, Trampoline, Drag balls

Map 114