Lananah is a divine being in the world of Transformice[1], known to have shapeshifting powers. Shrouded in mystery, she watches over the mortal mice and has visited them at least once to share her wisdom.

She appeared in the comic, "Les Walljump — Pour Les Noubs," in which she teaches mice the walljump maneuver. Developers Atelier 801 featured the comic, made by third-party artist forkmotion, in an official handout booklet made for the 2012 Japan Expo. Lananah also appears in the comic's four-page prequel series, "Once upon a Hole", which showcases the mice's struggles of overcoming big obstacles. Atelier 801 has deemed both comics as official canon, supporting them as true to the lore of Transformice.[2][3]

Appearance Edit

Lananah is a brown mouse with blue eyes and short blue hair, which she wears in two ponytails held by deep orange ponytail holders. She is taller than her mortal mouse kin, being shaped like a human woman, but she has the power to shapeshift to become like the others. She accentuates her large mouse ears with two golden earrings, both in her left ear. For her lithe body, she bears a red bandeau bikini with a front-tie top and high-rise bottoms. She also wears a necklace made with blue beads, with matching beads sewn into the sidestring of her bikini bottoms. Brown sandals complete her beach-themed attire. On her tail are two golden ringlets and a sacred shaman charm.

Abilities Edit

As stated, Lananah can shapeshift. By extending her arms above her head and moving them in a wavelike pattern, she activates her power and transforms into whatever being she wants to become. She can also walljump with seamless ease.