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A ladder or a set of stairs is a series of platforms of varying height. They are similar to ramps, but different in that ladders are stable and require that mice jump up each "step". They can be created by the shaman to help the mice get the cheese or enter the mousehole if it is to high too reach. Most can be build with boxes and planks. Ladders are generally impractical to make but offer a more creative and stabler solution then ramps. A variety of ladders are shown below.

Basic Ladders Edit

Tree Ladder Edit


Tree ladder

The tree ladder is a ladder mainly made of planks with a C anchor (yellow anchor). this is a basic and easy design to build, and inexperienced shamans can build it as well. It may prove problematic with crowded rooms, and may tend to be a bit unstable at times.

Zigzag Ladder Edit


Zigzag ladder

The zigzag ladder is a very stable design. It looks more likes stairs then an actual ladder. It is mainly made of B anchored planks and C anchored planks.

Tri ladder Edit


Tri ladder

The tri ladder is very simple to build, but it can get other mice stuck if not built correctly. The tri ladder is made of planks, and contains "little ramps".

Box Support LadderEdit

Box Support Stairs

Tri ladder

The Box Support Ladder is fairly fast to build and very strong without much accuracy needed. Mice can, however, get stuck under the first plank if they are directly under when it is summoned, otherwise they should not get stuck if this is built properly. Mice who cannot "wall-jump" easily may find this hard to use.

Ladder gallery Edit