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The kite, also called balloon elevator, exploit requires you to be a Shaman. The kite is useful in many ways, e.g. when you want to show off your knowledge of different builds, or if you want to make an easy build, but got no skills handy.


Kite1 Kite2 Kite4
Spawn a red nailed plank.
  • B plank is to hold the kite on the ground.
  • B plank can hold the balloon down for lift-off.
Spawn a balloon.
  • The important part of the structure.
  • The main piece for this to work.
Spawn a plank near the top of the balloon.
  • The part where you stand on.
  • Easy to do with.
Spawn a ball onto the plank. It may take more than 1 ball to make the kite fly.
After the upper plank has went above the height limit, it will break, leaving the bottom red nailed plank and ball stuck to the floor, but the rest of the kite will vanish.

Alternative MethodEdit

This method can be used to create a more complex, but arguably prettier kite.

  1. Spawn a transparent ball on the ground.
  2. Spawn a red nailed and transparent small plank to the ball.
  3. Nail a balloon to the ball.
  4. Add a yellow nailed plank to the balloon (you may want to use spirits or a box to get the mice up to the platform), alternatively use a small box.
  5. Add a yellow-nailed small box to the plank placed in the previous step.

Alternative Method 2Edit

Ballon-elevator-1 Ballon-elevator-3
Attach a balloon to a plank. Use a yellow nail to attach a plank or small box to the lower part of the balloon. Use a yellow nail to attach a rune pointing to the right (up is unstable) to the plank/box near its nail.
The balloons string will endlessly stretch and can even lifts anvils. If it is too slow just add another rune.

After it reaches the upper map limit it will either disappear, come back without the plank/box (nice, reusable) or come down as a mildly raging god when to many planks and runes were used.