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King Fromagnus is the king of his castle in the Epiphany 2016 adventure, and giving him pie slices earns you rewards. Like the « Fromagic »(336) title, his name is a pun on the word "Fromage", which is French for "cheese."

Cheese symbol
King Fromagnus portrait

Portrait of him hanging in his castle

He rules an unknown kingdom, which's symbol is supposedly cheese in a red background with a yellow outline.


King Fromagnus is a plump gray mouse. His ears, tail, and limbs remain the same size as that of a normal mouse, but his stomach is approximately double the size of a regular mouse's. Fromagnus has also grown a beard that can be obtainable in the shop as well. It is also notable that because King Fromagnus is so bulky, his feet are spread out more distantly than a regular mouse's.

He wears a golden crown with red and blue jewels laid out in a pattern. This item was also available in the shop for a limited time as a collector's item. He also wears a gradient red robe with shiny golden-encrusted patterns and small jewels. His sleeves flop due to them being loose. Because of his stout composure, the robe is very big and designed only for his size, versus the one that is available in the shop as a collector's item.


Fromagnus is able to devour dozens upon dozens of king cake slices, although his cravings led to him gaining a monumental amount of weight. It's also likely that Fromagnus is able to control his own court due to him being a king. He's also quite wealthy, shown by his ability to give mice most consumables as a reward for giving him a slice of king cake if they are not capped on what they were planned to be given.


  • Like the skeleton cat in Halloween 2014, Fromagnus is able to be pushed around by consumables since he has collisions set.
  • When players took selfies with King Fromagnus, his name would be included in the selfie but his mouse would be invisible.