The Item Placement Glitch is a glitch allowing the Shaman to create objects anywhere on the map, provided he has been near enough to start the 'charging' meter that places objects.

Here is how it works:

  1. As a shaman, place your mouse + an object with or without an anchor where you wish to place it.
  2. Move close enough to your mouse so that the item no longer is red, and becomes a regular see-through color.
  3. Hold your mouse and place the object. You may move away during this time.

This glitch is useful for placing objects in hard-to-reach areas, such as high up in the air, where you cannot stay close enough for an extended length of time.

Another form of the glitch is when the Shaman has brought the cheese into the mouse hole, and disappeared, but the Shaman can still place objects near the mousehole's entrance. Additionally, if the Shaman falls off the edge or is knocked off one of the sides, he/she can sometimes still place objects near where he/she died. Note that items spawned in this way cannot be anchored, either globally or to other objects.