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Invisible map glitch was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.

Not to be confused with the invisible mouse glitch

The invisible map glitch is a glitch where the player encounters an invisible map. Therefore they cannot be killed, unless they are killed inside the glitched map, or are auto-killed by being away from keyboard.

After the glitch is activated, players wait for a new map to start, but this only spawns mice, the hole and the cheese. The glitched map stays the same, despite the draw changing the map to a different one.

There are two mouse holes, usually one at the top-left of the screen and one at the bottom-right. There are invisible walls around the map as well as a few invisible walls inside the map. It is almost impossible to die unless you turn into bubbles from not moving or the shaman bursts you into bubbles through the "squishing method". When there is a map change it still appears to be the same map.

Sometimes the maps, which spawn balloons or bombs or balls will allow you to see them. Most of the time the shaman can also spawn items, which can be seen.

If fixed and then come back to the same room, it will still be the same for the other mice if they do not refresh or change rooms and then come back. As seen in the YouTube video, one mouse has not refreshed. This makes it impossible for the shaman to pass the levels as he is not able to finish.

To perform the glitch, go to a random room which is not commonly, or has never, been used. Try and get a minimum of ten mice that lag often and get them to join the room. Once these steps are completed get the shaman to spawn as many items as he can to try and make the level glitch. After many items, the room will reboot, causing all the mice to see the invisible glitch.

To stop the glitch, simply leave the room or refresh the page. This glitch is now fixed.

Pictures Edit

* Note that the picture was taken when map 666 was still available.