Infected is a minigame based off Vampire Survivor. It was developed by Squeekmouse and it can be played in room #infected.


The round starts when a random player is turned into a vampire. Unlike Vampire Survivor, vampires can fly by pressing Spacebar and the mice are given an ability to meep in case a vampire is near. The vampire's main objective is to infect all the mice, similar to Vampire Survivor. When all the players of the room except for one are infected or when the time runs out, the surviving player(s) will get points.

Chat MessagesEdit

  • Welcome [Your Username]! - When you join an Infected room.
  • Each round a vampire will be chosen! Try to avoid the vampires or infect the other mice! Good luck! - When you join an Infected room.
  • Welcome to Infected! Type !info for help. - When you spawn in a new round.
  • Each round a vampire will be chosen at random! Try to avoid the vampires or infect others by standing on them! As a vampire, press the spacebar to fly. The last survivor on each map receives 1 point. The first mouse with 5 points wins the game! Good luck!
    The winner of the previous game's name will be
    ~Report any bugs to Squeekmouse. - When you type in !info.
  • Good luck [Username of Vampire]! Infect the other mice! - When the first player is turned into a vampire.
  • You have been vamped! Press spacebar to fly! - When you turn into a vampire.
  • [Username of Last Standing Player] has won! (S)he is now on [Amount of Points the Player Has]! Starting a new map in 10 seconds! - When there is only one person that hasn't been infected.
  • All vampires have died! - When all the vampires die.
  • All survivors gained a point! - When the time runs out or when all the vampires die.

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